Custom Kydex Sheaths

Build your custom sheath using my shop knives. No need to send your knife in when I can use mine.

Build your sheath from my shop knives! Ask if you do not see your knife listed yet. Over 75 models.

I have over 75 shop knives in many different makes and models in my shop. I do rotate them frequently. If you do not see your model listed please ask. You can use the contact tab above! If you have modified your blade or handles from factory specs my knife may not work. Please ask.

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Built sheaths ready to ship.

Sheaths built and ready to ship! If adding carry options or accessories please allow build time.

These sheaths are built ready to ship! You do have the options of adding carry options and accessories. Please allow time if building your carry option or accessories. If you do not see  your sheath ready to ship, or under my shop knives please use the contact tab above to ask about your model and for an estimate.

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Knife with custom sheath combos ready to ship

Knives with custom sheath combos ready to ship.

These knives new and used have a custom sheath already built by Red Hill Sheaths and ready to ship as a combo. These are frequently changing as models get sold.

Knife with custom sheath combos



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