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Red Hill Sheaths is Kydex before Kydex was cool established 2005

Red Hill has been an industry leader since 2005 with helping Kydex suppliers, knife manufactures, knife designers, Military, and LEO applications. Red Hill had a direct hand working with new Kydex suppliers with their Kydex and accessories inventory, product worth and need, along with developing new products to use in Kydex manufacturing, developing and grow techniques in sheath manufacturing. Red Hill also helped develop products to make and distribute as a custom Kydex manufacture. Red Hill was the first custom Kydex manufacture to bring imaged Kydex to an existence. Red Hill spent many thousands of dollars on each pattern including that same amount having to be spent on just different colors using the same pattern that was imaged into Kydex. The imaging process that was originally used is a patented process that came from one imaging company that Red Hill was exclusive with as we helped them develop their process and final product to us. After about a year one of the major Kydex suppliers found who our imaging company was and got involved from there and took off with it leaving Red Hill behind and almost empty handed after spending so much money in the whole process. They were the company that Red Hill used to purchase our Kydex and supplies from so we would have the Kydex dropped shipped in large quantities from the supplier to the imaging company. The imagining company would hold and stock the Kydex for us so we did not have to pay double shipping charges on getting the Kydex to them while allowing us to still purchase in large quantities to bring down the price per square foot of Kydex. We helped the imaging company with copy right, and license agreements with different camouflage manufactures. Shortly after the Kydex supplier got involved the imaging company sold out to a larger company that now holds the patented process and does not and would not work with such small orders to them that we were asking for. At this time this is when dipping, screen printing, and many other methods were being experimented with to get images onto Kydex. So, I guess to wrap this long story up it would be stated that Red Hill knows Kydex and the industry better than most custom Kydex shops as I did not learn off of YouTube I learned by getting dirty and putting my money were my mouth is and developed the techniques that the other guys have learned and have taken full advantage of without having to truly learn the craft or understand it!! They just follow a video and now they are the professional expert. When I come up with something new if it is a design, carry option, or any other idea it takes about two weeks for these other guys to try to use the idea. Shoot, around 2010 I even had one copy my website 100%. other custom shops have come as close to Red Hill's name as they can to steal web searches or having the consumer thinking they are us or associated with us.  But, the quality is never there as they do not now the what, or how to get their hands on the material or techniques I use as being a part of the industry since 2005 I am grandfathered into programs and materials that they will not be able to get a hold of or afford at the today prices. 

New for 2020

I do not have any specific yet that can be released, but as I am changing how I do business at Red Hill I will have some big announcements through out the summer!

Current inventory is always changing

You can find almost everything on the web site is posted on eBay also and vise versa. Web site prices will almost always be cheaper as there is not the cost of the eBay commissions to pay from the web site purchases. There might be some items that are the same if I have discounted them on eBay. I am always adding and changing inventory, shop knives, and other outdoor products.

Custom Sheath request or any questions for Chris

Don't forget to check the store for your sheath it may be built and ready to ship, or I might have the knife here as a shop knife waiting to have a sheath made from it. I do have over 75+ knives in the shop and all are not listed on the web site yet so please check with me to see if I have your knife make and model here to make your sheath from without sending your knife in.

Red Hill Sheaths

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