Custom Kydex Knife Sheaths

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Kydex Sheaths + Custom Drop Leg Platform

We offer a dedicated drop leg platform for your knife.
$45 with adjustable straps to your belt and around your thigh.


At left is the Trailmaster & drop leg platform.

Each mounting plate is customized to your Red Hill custom sheath to be as ergonomic and sleek as possible (unless you want to carry additional items, like a second, smaller knife).



Todd Hagan "falls" for our products ... a cautionary true story (May 2012)
                  (Todd has a Red Hill sheath for his Cold Steel Natchez Bowie with 11-3/4" blade,
                                       mounted on a Red Hill Drop Leg Platform)

 I just wanted to say thank you for the quality and fantastic service for the custom sheath you built for me. My knife arrived in the same condition as I sent it to you and all the options I ordered work flawlessly. I must tell you a little story that speaks highly of the holding capabilities of my drop leg sheath.

The first day I had strapped my knife on my side and was walking on my parents property in the mountains of North Carolina. I was taking pictures with my iphone down near the creek.

I was crouched down trying to get a better view for the perfect picture, when I backed up just one step with my left foot. The next thing I knew, I was tumbling down the bank at a drop off point of about 5 feet, doing a back flip and landing on a rock. However, gravity was not finished with me yet. My momentum carried me on down and the next thig I knew I had landed in the creek head first upside down underwater.

In the process, I lost my iphone, flipflops and my reading glasses to the creek and my watch has stopped working. However, my knife was still faithfully strapped to my side. I sustained a few injuries and scrapes but my knife was still protected and in place.

Now I know I can completely trust that no matter what my adventures will be, the sheath will hold the knive in place. Word of caution, look back before you take a step backwards when on a mountain. God bless and keep up the great work.

Drop leg platforms make carrying longer knives comfortable.
No more getting jabbed in the stomach by your own knife handle.

Each sturdy mounting plate is cut from .187 very thick Kydex to fit your sheath.
Your sheath is securely screwed on to the mounting plate.
All belt & thigh straps adjust to YOUR size.
Choose 1 or 2 straps around your thigh.
Two options available for attaching the platform to your belt:
"Y" style has adjustable straps that go
on either side of a belt loop for stability. 

The "Single strap" style below shows
one adjustable strap attached to the belt.