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Custom Kydex Knife Sheaths


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Frequently Asked Questions:

Craftsman Bruce Good creates one sheath at a time, fitting the Kydex to your specific knife. This ensures that your knife locks securely into position, yet can be removed from the sheath safely.

No. We must have your knife to mold the sheath to it.

CAN YOU SEND ME A SHEATH AND A DROP LEG STRAP FOR MY TRAIL MASTER THAT'S JUST LIKE THE ONE ON ICYCHAP'S YOUTUBE VIDEO? Yes. We have a Cold Steel Trail Master SK-5 as well as a San Mai here at the shop. We will be happy to make a sheath (or sheath and rig) without you sending your knife. Cost for Trail Master sheath in BLACK Kydex = $70 + $45 for the drop leg rig, totalling $113. Shipping to you with tracking & signature confirmation is $13.50. Total = $128.50. Five other Kydex colors are available. 

We carry BLACK and COYOTE BROWN, DESERT DIGITAL CAMO, O.D. and our new DESERT BOOTY CAMO along with our popular GREEN BOOTY CAMO which from a distance looks like traditional green camo.  We carry strapping in matching colors for drop leg strap rigs.  We CAN sheath your small blades (up to 2") in .08 OD Kydex.

Dirt and grit inside the sheath can scratch or mar the finish of your knife. It is important in dusty environments to keep your sheath as grit free as possible. Rinsing with hot, soapy water or wiping out the inside of your sheath with a clean rag occasionally is a good idea. You may request a drain hole at the bottom of your sheath at no extra cost.

 Do not store your sheath where excessive heat could damage it, such as in the glove compartment of a vehicle on a hot summer day.

DO YOU MAKE SHEATHS FOR FLASHLIGHTS OR BATONS?  No on flashlights ... Yes for batons.

DO YOU TAKE INTERNATIONAL ORDERS? Yes. The challenge: in almost all cases, we must have your knife in order to sheath it. Each country has its own regulations, restrictions and in some cases prohibitions for sending "weapons" by mail or other shipping services. We follow all international rules and laws. Sometimes we cannot accommodate foreign customers.

Here's a note from a client in Finland. He could not receive a shipment of a knife in Helsinki; but we use our Gerber Profile to make a sheath for him. "Gina, got the sheath yesterday. I'm extremely pleased with the outcome -- and doing business with you! Bruce's artwork really lifts my knife to a new level "" -- Jussi M. June 11, 2011

Why do some sheaths have eyelets on one side while others have eyelets all around?
See samples below of two sheaths configured for Inside the WaistBand carry (IWB). At left is a 2-piece sheath. On the right is a foldover sheath.


2 piece vs foldover sheath.JPG

Why do some sheaths have eyelets on just one side?
Red Hill Sheath clients have the option to request a foldover sheath (with eyelets mainly on one side) because they like that style or a 2-piece  (with eyelets all around) because they want the flexibility of having additional eyelets to use ParaCord to lash larger knives to their leg or pack.

When making NECK KNIVES Bruce prefers to make 2-piece sheaths so the sheath is the same weight on the right and left side and hangs vertically instead of to one side. 

Desert & Green Booty Camo

We offer 2 Booty patterns: Green and Desert. The Desert Booty has more girls per inch ... so smaller sheaths can get a whole booty body rather than just booty body parts.

YES, we have a few shop knives ... if you want sheaths for these models, you don't have to send your knife in:
BK-7, BK-9,  Boker Cop Tool,  Cold Steel black 13" Kukri,  Cold Steel Trailmaster San Mai, Cold Steel Trailmaster SK-5,  Gerber Profile 22-71795 drop point,  Gerber Mark II,  KA-BAR 1480 neck knife, KA-BAR USMC Fighting Knife,  Lagana Tomahawk, SOG Tac Tomahawk, M48 United Cutlery Hawk,  Leatherman WAVE (original model),  SOG Jungle Primative,  TOPS Smoke Jumper,  TOPS Steel Eagle 107D.    


Kydex is a polymer/thermoplastic material manufactured in the U.S.A.  and is a proven material that has been used to make firearms holsters for many years. Kydex is impervious to most chemicals, solvents and oils and is waterproof with a permanent memory -- meaning your sheath will retain its molded shape indefinitely. Your sheath will not shrink and will withstand the harshest environments. 

WILL KYDEX SCRATCH OR MAR THE FINISH OF MY KNIFE?  In our experience, the answer is "No!" We have never scratched a blade. However, we have seen knives scratched by Kydex when the material was used by a less experienced sheathmaker. Bruce was taught to use Kydex by an internationally-known, serious and meticulous knifemaker who told Bruce he couldn't call himself a sheathmaker until he had at least 100 sheaths under his belt.  Bruce has long since passed that mark without any problems with Kydex scratching a blade.

NOTE: Kydex can rub blueing off the "high points" of your knife blade -- just the way a Kydex holster rubs blueing off a firearm.  Flat blades are not affected.


CAN YOU MAKE A SHEATH FOR MY FOLDING KNIFE?   Yes ... Bruce will sheath LARGER folding knives because they have enough heft to have something to hold on to. A small,slender folding knife is hard to get out of the sheath as there is not enough of it to easily grab to pull out of the sheath. Some clients request their folders to be sheathed as fixed blades and we do those all the time.

DIDN'T SEE YOUR QUESTION ANSWERED HERE? ... Just email and ask us your question.