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Custom Kydex Knife Sheaths


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MOLLE Compatible Knife Sheaths

This email from our first MOLLE-Lok customer says it all:

From B.C., May 20, 2008: " ... then comes the 'GOD SENT' molle lock. this piece is awesome to say the least. ... you could jump out of a plane with this attached to some pals webbing and your skin would fall off before this sheath. once i figured the lock portion out, locking and unlocking became a breeze. ... it would fit perfectly on a rigger's or operator's web belt. it is an extremely rugged piece that i would bet my hide on. it's easy to configure for right or left hand .... upside down or right side up. this thing is a real gem .... i can't thank you enough ....our boys out there need these."



You can fasten your Kydex knife sheath directly to your PALS vest or other gear. Bruce fashions a mounting plate made specifically to fit your sheath, then adds MOLLE-Loks (manufactured by Blade-Tech Industries for a VERY SECURE, "no-worry" fit.


 All our MOLLE mounting plates, like this one on the Coyote Brown Kydex sheath, can be repositioned to wear your knife horizontally, vertically or upside down.
This well-made knife was created by knifemaker Mason Allred in Erda, UT.


Bruce fitted these "Fighters", by maker Don Llewellyn, with sheaths & MOLLE-Loks. 
They are part of a program to give quality knives with sheaths to our military men and women who may otherwise not have knives.   


Our MOLLE compatible configuration comes with 1 or 2 MOLLE-Loks mounted on a removable plate that can be repositioned to carry your sheath horizontally or vertically.

The number of MOLLE-Loks depends upon the width of your knife. More is not always better with MOLLE-Loks. You must have enough room between the 2 loks to get your thumb between them to lock and unlock them. Of course, it's your choice, but 1 Lok on a slender knife is very secure.