RED HILL SHEATHS copy 12/26/10


Custom Kydex Knife Sheaths


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MOLLE-LOK: Bruce fabricates a plate to fit your custom sheath as a base for this sturdy device manufactured by Blade-Tech. Once locked down on your gear, you won't have to worry about it coming off. This is our most requested attachment for deployed troops.  The MOLLE mounting plate can be unscrewed and repositioned for horizontal or vertical carry. 


The TEK-LOK belt attachment, opens -- eliminating the need to slide any other items off your belt to reposition your knife or tools.

You can adjust your Tek-Lok for horizontal, vertical or handle down carry using a Phillips screw driver. 

The Tek-Lok adjusts to take belts from 1.25 inches wide to 2.25 inches wide and also comes in a smaller size for small knives.


IWB (Inside the Waist Band) LOOP: Tried and true, easy to use PULL-THE-DOT BELT LOOP.


PARACORD: Don't want no stinking attachment ...

No problemo. That's what having a custom sheath is all about ... we'll do our best to make it like you want it!


Bruce creates a CLOSED custom loop from Kydex to fit your custom sheath. Sleek and made to fit your belt width. Does not adjust for other belt widths. Note above: loops for horizontal and vertical carry. 
Bruce will also create an OFFSET LOOP  if you need the knife handle to ride lower on your belt and away from your body.


Bruce demonstrates his innovative FACE SHEATH. If you prefer a more traditional carry, it can also be carried as a NECK SHEATH.